QUIET ! When Or was that disproved as a hoax? MJ had compassion and it showed. This is fair news? This blog does not store any files on its server. The clip became a viral sensation after viewers spotted the apparition and a spooky soundtrack was added to the footage. I saw this live & the first thing that came to my mind was that it was a ghost shadow. Those who continue to say it was a cameraman etc. No wonder some wealthy people do nothing for the poor. HE WAS ON DRUGS WHEN HE WAS AWARDED THEM. !!!!!!!!! Why haven't It doesn't take any intelligence or deep thought to spew fear and hate, but the whole world responded to Michael's songs with compassion. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I hope they all choke on it. It was a good show. Many celebrities and even normal people have things like that in their homes. 0:24. Later he is resurrected and returns. Carlos Sebastian.exatcly thats wath i thinking about.I realy dont want to belive,that its possible record a ghost,speachely,whenn is MJ ghost,couse the peaples make up stories about hem,but the direction and the lights make it inpossible,thet shadow would come from left.Its would be from the place,whre tha camera man,MJ brother and the riporter standing,and its shuld be in fron off tham,not behind tham,couse if it would be behind tham,the shadow would not show.Pluss,i see it olso the way,its standing 90 digreec.So,dont meather,how much i dont want to belive it,i dont find any other explenation,but its a ghost. From a contentious back-and-forth with Jerry Seinfeld to a tte--tte with Lady Gaga, dressed in full Larry drag. It wasnt fake do you think so many people would have followed him if it was fake? Secondly, why did the other crewmembers, reporters, etc, not cast shadows as well? How Well Do the Major Streaming Platforms Apps Hold Up in 2022? thank you for all the coverage u have given this.. My little boy that is 6 years old ask who he was and I tuen on cnn and showed him. Paranormal. Should the MLB arbitration process be given an overhaul? OUTRUN anyone ! grieve! Of course its going to be in the news a lot. There were children who were ill, in wheelchairs, and all children were welcomed to Neverland. So you folks who think too big a deal is being made, get over it! Sorry Melissa H. for miss spelling ur name b4. Therfor, the "shaddow" would have tapperd down in an angle twords the door on our right. I would have loved to have met Michael but I would have never wanted to walk in his shoes for one: I could not move like him with such grace on the stage, reality is who could live under a microscope and such scrutiny. The shadow is freestanding. Jackson was a talented brillant entertainer but anyone connected to CNN hopped on the band wagon and had their fun in exploitating the man like everyone else did in the past. Yes he was a good entertainer but CNN has gone overboard on coverage. I forget that this is a country that tosses out its old, and ignores the hungry. im am soo tired of hearing u ignorant people saying that. Look at the pictures from Neverland that Larry King took. if you look immediately behind larry & the speaker, there is no CNN light source (or crew, BTW) or even window nothing strong enough to cast a TRANSPARENT shadow that many yards in the distance. Video of a ghostly silhouette crossing a room in MJs former residence was shot by CNN a week after the stars death, and shown on Larry King Live. A crew memember. We'll all sleep much easier tonight. place like that. Discussion about Ghost of Michael Jackson?! if not, okay! Poeple really need to get a clue. Burning House. Just watched Larry's program here in Melbourne, Australia and watched the segment on "de-bunking" the ghostly visual in the background/hallway in MJ's house. So he KNEW he would "hount" his home and he "seemed" to leave as the neysayers wanted him to. Larry, after watching your show from Neverland, I would say it's time for you to retire. Michael Jackson's Ghost, Explained or the Unexplained?, - Shadow. Did you even see the cooks? Its like the fan that sits on the sideline and watches football. for all of you people who did not like m.j., why then are you blogging ???????????????????????? The "first feature" designation is applied to the director not the producer (s). females cover their faces with berkas they're not called freaks. This blog is for preview purposes only and all music downloaded should be deleted within 24 hours. this actual audio from the original clip. Ever try to have a REAL talk about this on "youtube"?! We don't need to try and explain away everything we see. Thank you for giving us a complete look into the King of Pop, Michael Jo Jackson, and allowing us to have a sneak peek into his Neverland Ranch!! Now lets just sit back and remember him as he was and not all the troubles he had. We only index and link to content provided on other servers. If you don't belive in ghosts, fine, but that's your own head. 11:20 | Los Angeles, Jul. MattI agree with "i.e. As for his children, I think they look mixed, My best friend has children that are half black a quarter puerto rican and a quarter white and one her oldest is very light alot lighter then Michael Jaskons children. That shadow that appeared across the fireplace looked like Michael. Rest in Peace at last MJ, I'm the same age as Michael. I believe we see him on this film because Michael wanted us to see him, NOT because we want to. Many children of mixed decent have lighter hair and blue, green or grey eyes. Now that is something to report on. being prejudiced. What a beautiful and peaceful place! #3 if one looks at the video without prejudging and going all Fundamentalist on us about how all ghost are demonic (oh brother), one can see that the shadow reflects in the floor as going straight across the plane of sight. The average American has no idea what going through a trial is like, the years it takes off your life. HLN's Joy Behar talks to Larry King about the Conrad Murray trial and his reaction to it. Michael Jackson Ghost High Definition HD Larry King Live shadow Neverland Paranormal Haunted Michael Jackson Ghost CNN Explained CNN I don't think CNN can explain it because they are not sure how it happened. Fans of the late pop star - who died of a suspected cardiac arrest on June 25, aged 50 - claim the image of his spirit can be seen in the background of a TV show filmed inside his . They have dark hair. Michael was a gifted perfomer a fellow human being with thoughts and feelings like the rest of us.And like the rest of us he was not perfect. 1.6 million and counting can attest to that. For Pete's sake..you can plainly see it's someone with a professional video camera! This makes the profile of a book held out in front of the shadow very clear. So these videos I have seen capturing "a shadow" speaks a little more clearly for those who remain open minded and accept some things cannot be explained. Michael would want that because he loved NeverLand. Ok, once and for all, people who think the shadow was a crew member THERE IS NO SHADOW ON THE FLOOR WHICH ANGLES TO THE LEFT OR RIGHT! Maybe some people should get to know him before they judge him. People want to do the "Right" thing, so crucify them? Larry King Solves Michael Jackson 'Ghost' Mystery The Michael Jackson ghost 'sighting' at his Neverland ranch has been debunked! This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. The king of pop has died. Sorry, Saffire, didn't mean to leave you out. Kenny is exactly right. Ironically, it is entitled "Ghosts", where the "townsfolk" characters consider him to be a "freak". bob dylan's achievement 201 i fought the law in bloomberg's new york 211 for patriot dreams 219 ii. I'll just wait for TAPS to do a show on Neverland Ranch if their is any activity. Video : Michael Jackson Is Alive - MJ Watched His Own Funeral In Disguise As Dave Dave On CNN - MJ Death Hoax The video shows very much what appears to be MJ getting out of his ambulance alive. Now we are beginning to find out just what a downward spiral that false accusation put him on. Too much SORROW in YOUR EYES ! Why have Miko Brando on the show. in your LKL at the Neverland Ranch, Miko Brando was showing the hallway to Michaels bedroom sweet, there is a shadow figure that walks across the hall right in the cameras view, Larry, please pass my deepest sympathies to Michael Jackson's family and let Jermaine know that they can get special permission from the state of California to bury Michael at NeverLand because that is where he truly should be laid to rest. Check it out. During CNN Larry King Interview 0:50 Michael Jackson Ghost? I grew up on Michael Jacksons music. there is a very good simulation on youtube,wats show,how this can be a shadow,but the moderator alvais take from here the link. I still believe that they are his. It was not the ghost of Michael. Ethnicity, Sexuality & Childhood facts & Photos, Vin Diesel wiki: Ethnicity, Gay? He can scream at the television and critique every play, but in the end he or she could never do what those athletes do. What Are the Best Ways for Writing Your Film Script Perfectly? Guess he was taking care of business Appartions can appear in any form shadow, clear or full-body. Had it been the shadow of a crewmember, how would it have reflected that distance. She said she didnt want them and now suddenly she does??? Gerrit Cole and DJ LeMahieu like what they've seen so far from the Yankees pitching staff and Anthony Volpe likes Willie Randolph . What a strange thing of journalism. child molesters and child rapists are white men 8 to 80. He then appears again after his alleged death watching his own funeral live on CNN dressed up in disguise as burns victim, Dave Dave. Proud to be a Texican MICHAEL , you stay forever in our hearts and souls ! Inform the public. It was then released on home video a year later around the world on LaserDisc, VHS and Video CD. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? The event was preceded by a private family service at Forest Lawn Memorial Park's Hall of Liberty in Hollywood Hills, and followed by a gathering in Beverly Hills for Jackson's family and close . I have my own opinion as to what you meant by that. Michael Jackson's Ghosts is a 1996 short film starring Michael Jackson, directed by Stan Winston, and written by Stephen King and Mick Garris.It is based on a story by Garris, Jackson and King. You should all be ashamed of yourselfs. Amazon I had nothing bad or negative to say about The King of Pop like I have been reading in other posts, but yet you take my post down? I am so tired of people calling Micheal a pervert. It was also a cultural change. MICHEAL Jackson is gone. The secret door in his room was for safety. Take away the celebrity the man helped people and was genuine and kind. Ghosts was a short film starring Michael Jackson, and written by horror icon Stephen King alongside Mick Garris, and directed by Stan Winston. the subject could NOT have been off to the left at a 45 degree angle to the shadow in that final room because the bottom of the shadow is clearly visible in the other spaces closer to Larry meaning that the subject and light source would have to be coming from where the camera man is. Still, I need to look more closely . children. Quite the opposite it can't be. That's just somebody working in the house. Yep, that's it, just as any person with moderate levels of oxygen flowing to the brain should have deduced on their own. Michael Joseph Jackson (Gary, Indiana, 1958. augusztus 29. What I would say is that it could be him, and I say it with an impression that his presence permeates that entire place; in a sense he IS Neverland (or Peter Pan in Neverland). Where was Michael's body taken after the memorial?? That is so cool maybe TAPS will be invited to Neverland to investigate this..I'll wait on there show to prove ithowever it was cool to see. i believe that your ghost is around until you are buried. And to me its clear he is holding a book. Thank you kindly for all the coverage on Michel Jackson; May he now rest in peace. A great tribute to Michael would be to hug as many people as you can today in memory of his love. why make it a big controversy??? on the Earth: respects to MJ, like they do presidents. Stop posting negative comments and leave the posting to the people who post positive comments. In his "Living with Michael Jackson" documentary, his oldest son's hair was dyed a platinum blond color and his darker roots are visible in a number of shots. . MattJ I missed his daughter's speech. Don't ever bother! They have blonde hair and BLUE EYES. - - michael jacksons "angeblicher". It was his childrens home. I think he was just misunderstood. Show more Show more. I find this interesting, but would like more info. The shadow resembling Jacko's figure appeared on a wall in the singer's former home during a live television . CNN Larry King Live, Michael Jacksons Ghost!!! It's probably just a crew member, but interesting nonetheless. Why would ANY JUDGE GIVE THESE KIDS TO SUCH A DISFUNCTIONAL FAMILY. Enough already on Michael Jackson. This needs to be on CNN and the big networks, so everyone knows! Ryan Thompson of the Tampa Bay Rays laid out his arbitration experience in a Twitter thread and Stacey discusses it. PLUS, if u notice in the dark part of the fire place refection in the hall, you can see leggs walking like they would if the "person castting the shaddow" were to be walking directly in front of you. I saw that exactly when it happened the first time it was aired last week i thought to myself hummm you can see the shadow of a camera guy or a workman that didnt want to be seen on camera. are forgetting that the man was acquitted, aka found not guilty anything else and you are making assumptions, or prejudging, i.e. The video, shot during one of CNN 's live segments at the ranch, appeared to show a ghostly figure moving in the background. So, anyways, clips like these aren't new on Youtube, but unlike most others, apparently this one got a fuck of a lot of attention.. And a lot of comments to boot! The Michael Jackson ghost sighting at his Neverland ranch has been debunked! On Larry King Live!!! It is pretty spooky and looks like it could be a ghost to me. I was talking to Kenny, Mattj and Mellisa H. I really needed to find SOME ONE who could see this for what it is! I would say "too bad" But you did your job here like no other. You'll never Partingimpulsive. I for one am heart-broken over this great loss. It is what it is! We need more people like that in society today. That's an interesting point, Donna. Im sure he didnt expect to die. TO EVEN QUESTION HER GETTING CUSTODY IS DISCUSTING. you have small minds and never tinks about his positive traits..IDIOT PEOPLE. Keep up the GREAT WORK!! I never heard one way or the other. That's not exactly a reputable website. RIGHT. MattI definitely agreeDid the camera crew look into this at all?? WE PRAY FOR YOU !!!!!!!!!!! But as it shows in his own video, He left but not really. The mayor of a nameless town gathers a mob to confront a hermit living in a "haunted house." When the mob arrives however, the man has a few tricks up his sleeve to convince them that he's not all that bad. Michael wanted to live forever, this could be Michael's ghostly figure easy being that his death was more of an accident, then really his time to go. Plus, dispatches from Spring Training: Nestor Cortes feels good, and so does Michael King. Plenty of America's most staggering dipshits saw it, so CNN. Do some research, Michael He dies. During Larry King Live Interveiw 2,973 views Jul 6, 2009 9 Dislike Share Save JTMusicTeeside 2.4K subscribers is. Michael Jackson cared about kids and that does NOT make you a pedophile. I will surely be looking forward to a full month's coverage for Billy Graham when his time on earth is over. I've had experiences before & this is coming from someone who is not a hardcore MJ fan. And where is his body anyway???? These kids ARE NOT MICHAELS. Debra Barr Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy. I hope that CNN clears this up. Congressman Peter King obviously has no respect for a grieving family and thousands of fans, not to mention the U.S legal system. We have more pressing issues in life liks arm forces being killed. i Think that larry king should put this clip on tonight at 9pm, he should. It's a. How can this congressman or anyone else for that matter accuse someone of something that they did not actually see? During CNN Larry King! Poor Michael has not yet been buried and suggestions of a ghost have already begun. So how is he Michael Jackson Ghost as seen on Larry King Live - Uncut version from Neverland Partingimpulsive Follow Michael Jackson Ghost as seen on Larry King Live - Uncut version from Neverland Browse more videos Michael Jackson Ghost? 2:01. No mention of a staff member of other individual walking past the window.how frustrating!!! "Bad" is a song by American recording artist Michael Jackson. Personally I think it is Michael. We don't know. He is gone but his talent lives on. Sorry, to be more clear. So whereas as we can scientifically rule out any physical elements or ordinary explanations in the area (therefore leaving only a paranormal explanation as the answer), they would never get to that point. That is SO immature. I dont have all the answers. Ghost Caught On Camera. Still it is kinda creepy. Hey, no offense to Mr. Jackson, but why is he more important than the iran conflict? They all saying that he did not die and wanted to go in hiding. A public memorial service for Michael Jackson was held on July 7, 2009, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, twelve days after his death. Michael Jackson was not raised like most people. No matter what the other thinks, they was great performer, great human and I love him so much. It left me considering never to watch your show again! MJ was honest and he paid the price. He dances fabulously in it, the songs are great. and when this was filmed he was not yet buried. Going through a trial is not something I would wish on my worst enemy, especially if you are innocent. Look at the slow-mo of the footage it is clear that the shadow figure was holding a book or something like it open while walking, and closed it as he walked in front of the camera. If you cannot believe in anything beyond this physical life or look at the evidence in front of you with a discerning eye, then I feel sorry for you, because your life is the poorer for it. No! After watching him, I realize that he really was a super star in every since of the word. After you've lived it, take a look back and see how many people love you for who you really are; you good and you're bad self. Umm, okay.. Yeah.. They are afraid of having their hands bitten off. If it was a reflection from outside, the shadow would have went in the opposite direction. Staff are obviously on site. We want Michael Jackson's Ghost Visits Larry King Live By Author Free Britney at Jul 06, 2009 Category Michael Jackson. Also, nobody is going crazy about the "ghost" in the ranch. The only way you can "debunk" the ghost theory is if there were other TV crews there that could state they were in the room. It takes time for a person's energy to completely leave this earth plane when they pass. poverty martha inc. 229 scenes from an execution 235 in sickness and by stealth 247 the strange case of david irving 255 why americans are not taught history 265 a hundred years of muggery 279 Keep up your reporting Larry, I feel Michael has gotten the short end of the stick to long. A complete severing of his entire arm. If I were Michael Jackson (The KING) I would have settled all my cases, not just the first one. How horrible!! Larry the special you did at the "Neverland Property" was great and a job well done. Dont luck like a shadow to me!But would be hard to belive it,that would be real. It all happened on CNN's special show Inside Neverland, where Larry King conversed with Jackson's brother Jermaine. U can not fake a death and think you are going to get away, it is a crime and some of them think you can.. Mostly unrelated, but I thought of something the other day, probably due to the hype of Michael Keaton suiting up as Batman again. simply refuse to see what is in front of them and are living in a fantasy world. The revenue that this state will generate from tourists during the memorial alone should more than enough to compensate for the OT for crowd control. 06 (ANDINA). The Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature is one of the annual Independent Spirit Awards. Well there's only one person who was truly connected to the ranch & that was MJ, so I don't see how it could be anyone else otherwise. The shadow looks like it belongs to a tall person (6 feet or over) and MJ was 5'10". certainly does look like Michaels image passing that door.. Larry KingGod Bless You for taking the time to give us this inside look at Michael's life! It is said viewers of the mansion and 2,700 acre estate - which he bought in 1987 and lived in for more than 15 years - have been put off by a ghostly presence. I feel bad for MJs kids. rebel ghosts 191 america's poet? We will keep remembering him and if you have a problem you need to deal with it or turn the channel. Jackson stated that the song was influenced by a real-life story he had read about, of a young man who tried to escape poverty by . that even looks like him! As usual, it was all about "you".what u felt, did we experience anything?? This one is a little harder to authenticate on a scientific basis, though. The city of Gary is 25 miles from downtown Chicago and is famous for its massive steel industry. You had it right Michael!!! They are still his children, he raised them. Coverage on Michael Jackson is Overkill. Looks like it's not balanced at all. I agree with both of the posts Rose has made here: We can't deny his impact and contributions but we can take the sensationalism down just a notch and let him rest. CNN Larry King reveals Michael Jackson's ghost haunts Neverland Video, Chris Rock Roasts Will Smith With Slap Jokes:Everybody Called Him a B- And Who Did He Hit, Me, The Original Plan For A Goofy Movie Had Nothing To Do With Powerline, A Goofy Movie Originally Planned To Ditch Goofy's Classic Voice, Linda Kasabian Dies: Member Of The Notorious Manson Family Was 73, CNN Bets News, Not Big Names, Will Capture Crowds at 9 Pm, Richard Belzers Best Quotes as Homicide Detective John Munch, 10 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Facts You Never Knew. Best wishes, 0:59. That's why he's looked as Godly like for those that don't know. and still loved by a planet ENTIRE Larry, I have watched your show for years and respect you as a journalist/talk show host, but when you commented that you were expecting some kind of 'honky-tonk' atmosphere when visiting Neverland with Jermaine, I cringed. Ghost continued the winning streak well into the 21st century, first with his 2000 sophomore opus Supreme Clientele and on through 2006's brilliant Fishscale and 2013's comic book on wax . May our tears of sadness and pain, you do not BTW when you watch Lauer's interview, you don't see the impression behind Jermaine's shoulder. We have a feeling this sensible explanation isnt going to satisfy some MJ fans. Michael Jackson's Ghost.. October 29, 2009 . The King of Pop there is nobody like. I am sick of reading people so readily dismissing this image as a "shadow of a crewmember". MJ will rest in peace in heaven!!!!! You can't look at where we are now without looking at where we were at. Of course, they may not want to create controversy out of respect for the Jacksons as well, which I guess is understandable. But the only thing that was quite evident is that all knew he lived there and that is a reality and explainable. Michael Jackson was a Daddy, a son, a brother, and has millions of fans across the Globe. veronikazc. The shadow was much more clear on the live tv show it really does look like the shape of MJ. Then we can all sleep. It is an amazing piece of evidence, isn't it. I'm not sure about the camera crew, but CNN's official line is that it "probably was one of the crew." I remember watching his videos over and over againfor dance routines when I was a cheerleader in high school. More information. Watch the full debunking below and decide for yourself. IMDb.com, Inc. takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the above news articles, Tweets, or blog posts. There was another clip of Jermain talking to LK and Michael's face was seen in the background..Does any one have that clip?? I hope Neverland will forever become a tribute to Michael Jackson and his children. I paused it,and i think,its going all the way on the flor and on the whole,like a shadow,but i just dont understand,of who,couse of the direction.Sombody should walk where is the riporter and kameraman is standing,but nobody is there. This have to be EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . It's very elaborate. Michael!!! Larry one thing is lacking though; the entire world is grieving over this tragedy but you have not put any resources in place for appropriate grieving. Which Outer Banks Character Are You? Despite a deep roster of top star talent, Michael Jackson's Ghosts, a 40-minute short film released in 1997 is barely remembered, but it certainly isn't because of a lack of bombast. What does anyone else think ? Director Stan Winston Writers Stan Winston (screenplay) Mick Garris (screenplay) Stephen King (story) Stars Michael Jackson Pat Dade Michael Jackson Ghost as seen on Larry King Live - Uncut version from Neverland. UPDATE : The Producer at Larry King's Show says that what is seen is the shadow of a crew member walking in front of a light in the dining room of Neverland Ranch. It was filmed and first aired in 1996 alongside selected showings of the film Thinner. Personally I don't think he's gone. Have a good day. Maybe you are right and that is not his spirit in the video but then again maybe not ! People want to help change the world for a better place, so crucify them? To lie beside someone that you truly believe is terminal, and comfort them is love. He has a lot of postings about his ghostly experiences. A true believer in Michael Jackson who will never believe any of the negative things about Michael. 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